Our Mission

When you think about all the adversities that occurred in your life, can your truly say you're a conqueror? 

Well 2017 "Fresh N' Blessed" was created to represent those that survived any low moment in their life! It also can be related to the grateful times we encounter after humbly acknowledging the "beauty in the struggle". 

#FNB is about finding the light in the dark. Turning a negative into a positive. Just representing who you are, your life or situation. 

Whether its Spiritually, Physically, Mentally or even Financially...

For example:

*Waking up everyday

*Growing closer to your "Higher Power"

*A new born child/Birthday

*Graduating School

*New job/career

*Buying a new house/car/wardrobe

*Beat COVID-19

*Beat case/being released from prison

*Survived Death

Moral to the story, "Fresh N' Blessed" is a universal brand. Race, Gender, or Credit Score makes no difference. Fresh N' Blessed is a whole vibe you get like as simple as when you hear it or say it. Its just good energy, like the feeling of love!